2015 Ultimate Product Reviews: Adams Tight Lies Hybrids

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If you’re like me, then you need a really good hybrid in your bag. It’s like a trusty sidekick – always there when you need it. Learning about all the new 2015 clubs on the market has been my favorite way to prepare for this season on the course, and I’ve been especially interested in this year’s lineup of new hybrids. I hope you’ve found this ongoing series where I compile the best product reviews and put them into one place useful. I want to make it easy for everyone to find unbiased reviews! – Matt

Club Name: Tight Lies Hybrids
Brand: Adams
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price Point: $180
Specs: 17°, 19°, 22°, 25°, 28° Stock Shaft: MRC KuroKage Stock Grip: Full Choice Adams Standard

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From Adams: “The all-new Tight Lies Hybrid combines our industry leading hybrid technologies with the new Ghost Slot Technology and all of the features that has made Tight Lies so successful. The combination of years of hybrid development experience, the nearly invisible crown slot, the low-profile body, and the Tri-Sole design makes this hybrid extremely easy to hit in order to help you #OwnTheSecondShot.”

Special Notes

For more information on the Adams Tight Lies Hybrids and to purchase your own club(s), visit the Adams Golf website.

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1. Golf Digest: Gold Rating. Ease of use is the theme here. That includes hidden but effective slots cut through the crown and sole that limit distance loss on mis-hits. Making it even more forgiving is the shallow face and how the sole lifts at the toe and heel to handle any lie.

2. Golf Magazine: Love It. PLAYABILITY: A Houdini hybrid – the Tight Lies is versatile enough to put a little magic in your escape shots; the small, weighty head torpedoes through thick rough, pine straw – whatever crosses its path; sole design doesn’t drag or dig; it’s a natural high-flier, but in the right hands offers creative ways to attack pins. ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Accurate, obedient clubs that fly straight; for better or worse, shots don’t move off the line they start on; the club manages your misses but doesn’t erase them. CONS: Some testers need more help on misses; these hybrids aren’t short hitters, but there are better options for those only after distance; they don’t exactly jump off the rack – a few guys find the graphics too plain and boring.

3. Golf WRX: Like It. Like last year’s model, Adams’ new Tight Lights fairway woods have two slots — one on the crown and one on the sole — but they’ll look completely different at address thanks to the company’s new “Ghost Slot Technology, which covers the slot on the crown of the clubs for a more traditional look. The Ghost Slot Technology, which is the company’s fifth generation of its slot technology, also has a new “barbell” cut-thru slot design, which the company says creates even faster ball speeds and a higher launch angle than its previous renditions.

4. National Club Golfer: Review With Michael Fox from Adams Golf.

5.Plugged In Golf: Love It. If you need more consistency and forgiveness in your long game, the Adams Tight Lies hybrid should be high on your list of clubs to try. This is one of the clubs I’m most excited about bringing to the course in 2015. The most stand-out characteristic of the Adams Tight Lies hybrid is the consistency. I found that swing after swing, good contact or bad, the ball speed was always plus or minus 2 MPH. That consistency in ball speed is what creates consistent, predictable distance.

6. Golf A Lot: 4 Stars. It is difficult to nail down exactly who this is aimed at. The head size would indicate single figure handicappers and personally I would prefer to see a larger head. However, for some I think the compact size may make it more playable, even though the forgiveness is still very good for this size of head. Overall I think the Adams Tight Lies hybrid is a high quality club from a respected name and with its competitive price it offers very good value for money.

7. Golf Magic: Love It. Love the classic Tight Lies upside-down head shape and low profile that just oozes class down at address and everything just sets up for take off, particularly as you can see the clean scorelines of the face. Fresh black and blue looks also a positive, as well as no visible Slot Technology on the crown. You can’t miss the sweet spot with the classic upside-down Tight Lies shape and low profile design ensuring a large impact area low on the face. With a low CG on board, you get a terrific high launch – essential for owning the second shot.


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