H2K Forg1ven’s Timeline From An Outcast To A European Fan Favourite

Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou is one of the most divisive figures in the history of professional League of Legends. Love him or hate him, the narrative behind his career has been as exciting as it is tragic, spending years as an outcast from the scene even before finally achieving his goal of reaching a World Championship. Forg1ven’s story is one worth telling…

Dressing gown and slippers at the ready – our story begins in 2013. An established Danish team playing under the colours of the Copenhagen Wolves emerges victorious from the hard-fought challenger promotion tournament and amongst their ranks, an AD Carry prodigy is realised.

Hailing from Greece with a professional Counter-Strike 1.6 background, holding challenger elo spots in both European League of Legends servers, Forg1ven was expected to take the professional scene by storm. After impressing during the Challenger finale vs Meet Your Makers, Forg1ven showed the world that his bot lane skills were amongst the best in Europe, with a pentakill no less:

The Wolves qualified for the LCS, but just weeks into their new adventure, the team started to fall apart. Jungler Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider was performing strongly, as was support Petar “Unlimited” Georgiev Unlimited alongside Forg1ven. Yet the Wolves mid and top laners, Cowtard and Youngbuck were in a state of disharmony from the rest of the squad, providing two of the worst split performances ever witnessed in the European LCS.

Enemies quickly realised the Wolves’ glaring weakness and a new meme was born:”Let us 2v4 pls” – a plee from Forg1ven in response to his opponents tendency to camp his lane.

Forg1ven has always demanded extremely high standards and wanted everyone around him to be on his level. When this wish was not fulfilled, he became an overwhelmingly negative person to play with, not to mention living with and spending eight hours per day practising with. The attitude problem quickly lead to in-house arguments before the Wolves management were forced to implement his departure in order to preserve team morale.

Still widely regarded as Europe’s best ADC, Forg1ven was ushered into probably the best roster (on paper) he ever had around him during his professional career – SK Gaming. With a team consisting of Svenskeren, Fox, Nrated and Fredy122, everything looked optimal for SK to secure first place in the regular season. Forg1ven clearly felt confident in his chances, citing himself as the best carry in Europe… “by far”:

Yet even with the seemingly “perfect” SK Gaming, Forg1ven encountered issues once again. After a clash of temperaments with Svenskeren and Nrated looking set to retire – frustrations were locked on to Christoph “nRated” Seitz, who had started underperforming in the conclusive weeks of the regular season. His dip in form had not been an issue during the regular season, but then playoffs went way off-script: SK gaming lost in a truly tilting fashion to the wildcards, Unicorns of Love, 2-3. After losing the third placed match to H2K-Gaming – Forg1ven washed his hands of yet another team.

By this point in his career, Forg1ven was an established star AD Carry. He possessed the ability to dominate anyone and everyone, but it meant nothing if he couldn’t keep his emotions in check and establish himself within a team. His reputation for being a toxic teammate started to precede him; shading his in-game stature. It was only for the Greek’s mechanical greatness that teams continued to give him a shot – next in line was Gambit Gaming.

Source: Riot Games
Source: Riot Games

Forg1ven’s Gambit career was a peculiar period. For the first time on the LCS stage, the predominantly ‘hard-carrying’ ADC was forced onto a supportive role, picking up supportive utility champions for his solo laners and jungler. Supporting others is something Forg1ven admitted he disliked doing and it was clear from the start that his heart wasn’t in it – it was probably the worst split in his career.

Whilst Gambit made it through to the playoffs, Forg1ven received a four game LCS ban due to “toxic soloqueue behavior”, meaning he was ineligible to participate in the playoffs. It appeared that Gambit had been looking for an excuse to remove the thorn in their side, opting to kick Forg1ven back into the wilderness once more rather than appointing a sub AD Carry.

H2K-Gaming stepped forward, willing to tackle the enigma. With yet another strong roster by his side, the ambition was to conquer. H2K enjoyed a decent split and secured a strong seed for playoffs, awaiting the winner of Origen vs UOL in the semi finals. Forg1ven had a heartbreaking performance, losing 2-3 in the best-of-5 at the hands of OG, despite dealing the highest damage in 4 out of 5 games.

Source: Lolesports
Source: Lolesports

2016 has proved to be yet another turbulent season. With Forg1ven unsurprisingly teamless and Origen’s botlane Mithy and Sven shifting to G2 Esports, Hybrid and Forg1ven joined forces as the bot lane for OG. Yet another year with similarly high expectations, xPeke, PowerOfEvil and the one-two punch of Soaz and Amazing provided a promising platform upon which Forg1ven could shine. But just one week into his OG career, he left for good, only to return to H2K and wreak havoc on his former roster in the final week of the season.

With starting AD Carry, Freeze sidelined through injury, Forg1ven was handed yet another unlikely to fulfil his ambition of reaching Worlds. H2K Gaming’s fortunes started to shift, for once the Greek’s words were matched by his on the performance of the rift, spear-heading H2K through the playoffs to secure Europe’s 2nd seed for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship.

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

H2K, and indeed Forg1ven himself, have exceeded expectations at Worlds 2016. Following an average opening week performance, the European’s cleanly swept week 2 to secure their spot as the top seed emerging from Group C. For all the boasting and trash talking Forg1ven finally had the evidence to suggest he deserved to be recognised as one of the best AD Carries in the game:

With the latest iteration of the H2K-Gaming roster, Forg1ven seems to have found the team chemistry he’s spent so many years of his professional career searching for. H2K have perhaps the most favourable draw imaginable, with a seemingly golden opportunity for their star AD Carry to test his skills in a World Championship Final. As the last remaining European team – within the space of a half a year – Forg1ven has the chance to completely overhaul his career from zero to hero.

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