British Open Prize Money Skyrockets, Champion to Earn $1.8 Million


The British Open champion at St. Andrews next month will collect a record 1.15 million pounds ($1.8 million), an increase of 175,000 pounds ($275,000) from 2014.

The R&A also announced on Wednesday that overall prize money for the third major of the year has soared by $1.42 million to almost $10 million. In pounds, the overall prize fund is rising to 6.3 million pounds, up 900,000 from last year.

R&A chief executive Peter Dawson says, “The Open is one of the world’s pre-eminent sporting events. The Championship represents the pinnacle for the world’s greatest golfers and this increase is appropriate for an event with The Open’s global appeal.”

This year’s British Open, the 144th, starts on July 16. Rory McIlroy is the defending champion.

2014 British Open Prize Money

Winner – Rory McIlroy
1st: $1,665,933

Top 10
2nd: $956,844
3rd: $615,114
4th: $478,422
5th: $385,300
6th: $334,041
7th: $285,344
8th: $241,773
9th: $211,018
10th: $193,077

Top 25
11th: $173,427
12th: $154,632
13th: $144,380
14th: $134,983
15th: $126,440
16th: $115,333
17th: $110,207
18th: $105,081
19th: $100,810
20th: $96,538
21st: $91,412
22nd: $87,141
23rd: $82,869
24th: $78,597
25th: $75,180

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