This Floating Golf Course In Idaho Is The Only Good Reason To Visit The Gem State


A guy once told me a joke about Idaho and it went something like this. Why do ducks fly over Idaho upside down? Because there’s nothing worth crapping on. I always found it a bit harsh.

One golf course is challenging that horrible analogy. Golfers from all over the world flock to Coeur d’Alene Resort which is famous for its floating par 3 island green sitting in a giant lake. The most challenging part? The island moves.

The island was created using tracks submerged into the water below, allowing the resort to manually move the green to force golfers to experience the hole differently.

“You could play this course for a week straight and never have the same game,” explained one golfer.

In case you were curious, golfers don’t have to swim to the island to finish up the hole. The resort provides a water taxi that transports players from the tee to the green, ensuring those sweater vests don’t get wet.



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