WATCH: IWDominate and Imaqtpie Take A Steaming Dump On Echo Fox

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and you’re casually streaming League of Legends with your buddy. One minute it’s all laughter and jokes, the next you’re decimating the worst team in the NA LCS within an inch of its life – just a day in the life of two of Twitch’s most popular League of Legends’ streamers, Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana and Christian “IWDominate” Rivera. 

Strap yourself in for this one, IWDominate goes in hard on Echo Fox, only Froggen emerges unscathed from the former Team Liquid jungler’s savage assault… there will be nothing left of FOX Hard after he’s heard this onslaught.

FOX Hard


“Fucking hard, I can’t believe this motherfucker’s in the LCS dude, no wonder Echo Fox is 1-17…

“Their Jungler is garbage. Like I’m sorry dude, Hard is just bad – like in competitive – Im giving it to you straight dude.

“I mean hard just gets… he either does nothing or he gets dicked, he like never goes off dude. You need a jungler thats gonna pop off at least some of the time.

“He got high elo last season playing pretty much only Vi – I mean he was good at Vi, but I don’t know how you could make the argument that Hard isn’t the worst jungler in the NA LCS – he has to be right?”

Christian “IWDominate” Rivera

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Source: Lolesports



Imaqtpie: “I love getting KFO [in dynamic queue] man, he just Ints (intentionally feeds), I mean I love KFO – thats my boy, but all he does i like go 0-10 and get flamed by everyone.

“It’s just like this is… it’s a rough life man…”

IWDominate: “He has like 1 week left of being in the LCS before his team gets relegated and he’s just gotta listen to himself get flamed for the entire week.”

Imaqtpie: “Every time I get him in solo queue dude, everyone gives him shit – I love it.”

Source: Lolesports
Source: Lolesports

Echo Fox’s Bottom Lane


Imaqtpie: “I don’t think like Froggen, Keith – I don’t know how the bottom lane dynamic is, maybe they’re just a shit bottom lane together – fucking baby (EFX Big).”

IWDominate: “Yeah I think Baby and Hard are just bad – straight up.”

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

Is There Any Hope For Echo Fox?


Imaqtpie: “You think they’re gonna get relegated though?”

IWDominate: “Hell yeah, 100%. They’re fucked dude, they’re fucked.”

Imaqtpie: “What do you think is the missing link on that team? I actually don’t think individually… I don’t even know, like the team on paper doesn’t look that great, but it doesn’t look like 1 in 5 bad.”

IWDominate: “1 in 17 bad!”

Imaqtpie: “Like you just think they’re fucking garbage, no redeemable factors?”

IWDominate: “Like garbage LCS terrible – like yeah… don’t play LCS. Get em off the LCS stage. Get them off dude. You know like in the NHL you have like the zamboni – that thing that just comes back and just scoops up all the trash on the ice – get one of those and just shove them off the fucking stage dude. I don’t wanna look at it anymore man.”

Imaqtpie: “Thats fucked up. The thing is you can see like rays of hope in that team… not really actually – that team sucks.”

IWDominate: “Yeah they just suck dude.”

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