Golfboards arrive in Ontario, Canadians rejoice


Written by Jimmy Bradshaw | Contributing Writer, CLICKON

golf boards

For most Canadians, golf is an ancient game. You hit the ball using a stick into a hole and you repeat it 18 times until you’re mentally spent. For a lucky few, it’s a time for celebration. For the others, it’s like Chinese torture. Four hours of slow, god damn torture. But what if the experience of being beaten up by the course was fun?  

For golfers at the eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville, Ontario, golf just got a lot better for its guests after the club invested in four GolfBoards to go with their fleet of golf carts. For those Canadians that aren’t familiar with the product, GolfBoards describe themselves as a ” skateboard-like platform sitting on four wide-based turf tires. A handle extends up from the front for holding your golf bag, and for holding onto.

Using a lithium battery-powered electric motor, the rider stands on the board, flips the switch into forward and zooms across the course at speeds of up to 19km per hour. Turning is accomplished by leaning to the let or right, just like a skateboard.

Gary Sager, a member at eQuinelle, was delighted when he turned up and had the chance to play 18 holes using a GolfBoard.

“I think it is a wonderful invention. It didn’t take long at all. Once we got away from the clubhouse and onto the flat surfaces it was just a breeze.”

GolfBoards cost around $6,000 in the US – about the same price as an electric golf cart. It has several distinct advantages over its competitor though. GolfBoards are lighter and easier on the turf, they can go anywhere a pull cart can go and they  speed up the pace of play. And we’ve not even talked about the fun of using it like a turf-based snowboarder.

Hopes are that GolfBoards will breathe new life into Canadian golf, which has struggled over recent years to boost membership numbers, particularly with young people.

“This is another way of being innovative to get more people coming to the game of golf,” says Katharine usher-Vollett, General Manager at eQuinelle.

Canadians are rejoicing today.

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