Rory McIlroy sucks at football – ruptures ankle ligament

Rory McIlroy announced Monday that he suffered a total rupture of his ATFL – the anterior talofibular ligament – in his left ankle while playing soccer with friends Saturday.


Rory McIlroy has managed to injure himself at the worst possible time in the golfing calendar year.

In April of this year Rory’s football career was looking bright after beating Jamie Dornan (fifty shades of grey) in a game of circular soccer, a training aid game that can only be described as dull and should be kept for training purposes only.


Previously Rory has also revealed that as a child he dreamed of playing for Manchester United, after this weekend it seems Rory should have restrained these thoughts and stuck to his golf.

Obviously not satisfied with holding the World No.1 spot, Rory once again swapped his clubs for a pair of boots and took to the pitch for a kick about.

Whilst the details of the accident are up in the air, inside sources have revealed that Rory was playing with attitude and flair, attempting to throw down all sorts of skills and tricks. At one point Rory got slightly over-exuberant and whilst attempting to imitate the great Linoel Messi, by dribbling past the entire opposing team, he slipped, fell and completely ruptured his left ankle. Ok, we jest.

But with less than two weeks to go before the 2015 Open Championships at St Andrews, the 26-year-old has not done himself any favors. At this time, the severity of the injury is unknown, but the golfing world is crossing it’s fingers that McIlroy isn’t on the shelf too long.

Rory manages to remain positive saying on social media: “Rehab already started…..Working hard to get back as soon as I can” and has not ruled himself out of the tournament.

Stick to the golf Rory…

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