Lonely Danny Lee wins The Greenbrier, but really just wants a girlfriend

Matt Cohen | Site Editor


We weren’t sure about this Danny Lee guy at first, but now we want in the Danny Lee fan club.

After the 24-year-old from New Zealand won The Greenbrier Sunday for his first career PGA Tour victory, Lee met with the media.

Although most of the predictably boring questions elicited the usual ho-hum responses, there was one answer that definitely caught our attention. In talking about playing The Greenbrier for the fourth straight year and how much he loves the course, Lee said, “Only one wish I had was if I had a girlfriend, it wouldn’t be as lonely in the room.”

No joke. Danny Lee joked about being lonely and not having a girlfriend.

Here’s the full 12 minute press conference. Lee’s girlfriend comment is at the end, so you’ll have to watch the whole thing or skip ahead. It got a huge laugh from the media:

Hopefully there’s some interested young ladies out there that watched Lee dominate, and earn $1.2 million in the process. If not, maybe Tinder? Match.com? Good luck Mr. Lee. We hope you find bae.

Other Great Danny Lee Quotes:

“I don’t know why everybody is saying it’s a life-changer. I’m just very excited to play in another major. I have another opportunity to go up there and try my best. U.S. Open was a little bit tough for me I got my ass kicked there.”

“I actually like a lot of people following me and cheering me.”

Reporter: “You’re the first person billed from New Jersey to win a PGA event since 2005, how does that feel?
PGA Official: “You mean from New Zealand?”

“I usually wear a medium [jacket] but I think this is extra large.”

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