Streb Breaks Putter, Produces Magic With The Wedge

Written by Aaron Sycamore | Contributing Writer, CLICKON

Robert Streb had a testing back Nine after snapping the head off his putter on the Ninth, he then used a 56-degree wedge to finish off the round.

After a Par on the 9th hole Streb lightly tossed his putter towards his bag, causing the head to fly off. Official rules prevent Streb from replacing the putter until the round is over, so he and caddie Steve Catlin opted for a wedge to hit all of his putts.


And boy did it work out well for him…

Streb ended up shooting a phenomenal 32 on the back nine, making five birdies including a huge 28 foot putt to earn him a spot in the four-man playoff.

Don’t be surprised if you see a few more divots on your local greens this week after half of the members hang up their putters and give wedge putting a go!

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