Fox News host can’t stand Rory McIlroy; calls him a leprechaun

Matt Cohen | Site Editor

By now you know that Rory McIlroy, the number one golfer in the world, suffered a ruptured ankle ligament over the weekend playing soccer. Reaction to the injury has been pretty much all over the place. Our favorite so far is the incredibly predictable: “How dare he play any other sport than golf!”

But a new frontrunner for most outrageous reaction has emerged, courtesy of FOX News. On the network’s Outnumbered program on Monday, one reporter randomly called McIlroy a “leprechaun” and said she “can’t stand him.” Say what?

Here’s the dumbfounding evidence, courtesy of Twitter user @Wrong_Fairway in which someone not on screen can be heard giving her take on the McIlroy injury situation:

Since we can’t actually see who said it, we can’t confirm the 100 percent confirm the perpetrator. However, it sounded a heck of a lot like Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery, who also hosts Kennedy on the FOX Business Network. Kudos for Harris Faulkner for keeping her cool after the comment.

Now the next question – what on earth did McIlroy ever do to her? Who knows these days…

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