ESPN’s marriage to Trump is officially over


Written by Jimmy Bradshaw | Contributing Writer, CLICKON

ESPN moves celebrity golf classic from Trump National Golf Club following Donald Trump’s disgusting rant over illegal immigrants.

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I’ve personally always liked ESPN. As a Yankees fan, I like that they care more about my team. I like how they blend traditional and contemporary reporting. It feels sincere. ESPN and I just became better friends this week when it cut ties with Donald Trump, arguably America’s most prolific “bigotpreneur.”

ESPN announced on Monday that it is moving its ESPY Celebrity Golf Classic from Trump National Golf Club to Pelican Hill Golf Club in Orange County.

The decision was 100% influenced by Donald Trump’s controversial (or just plain stupid) remarks about immigration last month during his campaign announcement speech. In his remarks, Trump implied that Mexicans are not pleasant people.

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” Trump said during his presidential launch. “And some, I assume, are good people.”

While the PGA TOUR has taken a passive stance on the issue (motivated by you guessed it, dollars), a number of companies have cut ties with Trump including NBC Universal and Macy’s.

With ESPN the latest high-profile company to detach itself from Trump, it’s a sign that the network is once again catering to the young liberal sportsmen and women who simply do not tolerate such vile behavior. An ESPN spokesperson commented Monday:

“We decided it was appropriate to change the venue, and are grateful for the opportunity to stage the event at Pelican Hill on short notice. This charity outing benefits The V Foundation’s Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund, providing resources for important cancer research for minority populations, including Hispanics and African Americans. Our decision reflects our deep feelings for our former colleague and support for inclusion of all sports fans. Diversity and inclusion are core values at ESPN and our decision also supports that commitment.”

For me, Trump’s comments are not just an attack against Mexicans, but against immigrants in general who have helped form this great nation. For that very reason, the PGA TOUR is now under major pressure to ditch Trump National as the venue for its annual WGC Cadillac Championship. How can the TOUR possibly use a venue owned by a man that stands for such vulgar and disgraceful values?

ESPN’s detachment from Trump is a reminder that sport – as a whole – is in good hands. That unfortunately cannot be said about golf. Until the PGA TOUR understands the severity of what Trump has said, it sets nothing more than a frightening example to the plethora of young boys and girls taking up the game each year.

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