Top 10 Priceless Golf Vines

Written by Aaron Sycamore | Contributing Writer, CLICKON

We’re back with another top 10 countdown of utterly priceless golf vines to put a smile on your face this week.

Vines and golf are a match made in heaven, the digestible 6 second looping video is the perfect amount of time to get a snapshot of the hilarious moments that occur in golf.

Here is a collection of our favorite new Vines that have had us rolling around with laughter on the office floor.

So sit back, relax and laugh at the misfortune of our fellow golfers…


10. The Sideswipe



9. The Bank Shot Fail



8. Keegan Bradley just being weird…



7. The Happy Gilmore Fail



6. Don’t Take Tigers Clubs



5. DapperLaughs being an idiot as usual



4. Poor Chi Chi



3. How Rory really injured his ankle



2. Bye Bye bird



1. Taking the number 1 spot is the French practical joker Remi Gaillard with his constant attempts to annoy golfers. Here the kangaroo fights back…

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