How Many Royal Marines Does It Take To Deliver a Trophy?

Royal Marines from the 43 Commando landed on the beach next to Gullane golf course to deliver the Scottish Open trophy to defending champion Justin Rose.

What may have looked like the coast of Scotland was in some sort of danger soon turned into the one of the most elaborate deliveries of a golfing trophy.


Whilst the exercise was designed as a bit of fun, and probably a good bit of publicity for both the marines and the Scottish Open championship, I can’t help thinking that the time, money and effort could be spent better elsewhere.

Here at ClickOn Golf we are all for promoting the great sport and increasing its media profile but has this publicity stunt backfired? If you head to the comments section of the dailymail article you will find a healthy debate with a real variety of opinions on the matter. Many comments suggest that the marines would be better placed in sorting out the current crisis in Calais.

Marines 2

My opinion has to side on the slightly negative side here, with the UK still facing an economic crisis and major cuts looking likely across many sectors, it’s hard to continue to justify continued acts such as this. With £43.2 billion planned to be spent on defence this year, the UK public want to see this well spent.

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