Jordan Spieth Lands 12-foot Shark

Obviously not content with winning the U.S Open, Spieth had bigger fish to fry… literally.

Jordan Spieth headed to the Bahamas after his U.S Open victory to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing trip in the sun. Returning from a snorkeling spot the group decided to put out some lines and fish for tuna. Here is what happened according to Mr Spieth:

After initially hooking a tuna and fighting the line for 45 minutes, Spieth felt the weight of the dramatically increase (inadvertently hooking a shark) and continued to fight for a total of around 2 hours.

“What surfaced was like a 12-foot long, 300-pound black tip shark that had eaten this tuna and then had hooked itself,” Spieth said. “So I guess I caught both in one because I got that shark.”

Who knew the man was so proficient with a rod…

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