Bill Murray Brings Down The House At PGA TOUR Event


Bill Murray, aka Carl Spackler, joined forces with PGA TOUR pro D.A. Points yesterday at the John Deere Classic Pro-Am. Playing the famous TPC Deere Run course in Illinois, Bill Murray was asked why he decided to take part this year.

“The cash,” he responded.

When asked later what the real reason was for Murray’s appearance, he continued:

“Because I’m an athlete.”

Murray and Points have had a successful partnership together. Points was triumphant at the AT&T Pebble Beach in 2011, as he and Murray, who were introduced by a mutual friend,teamed to win the pro-am title.

Points’ mother believes that Murray loosens up her son on the golf course.

“Well, this is a woman that’s just been released saying these things so I think she loosened him up quite a bit herself,” Murray joked.

Murray did everything fans expected Wednesday when he threw putters, dropkicked his playing partner’s bag, and drove a cart furiously under a rope, almost decapitating his clubs along the way.

“I think in terms of playing in a pro-am, I think it’s difficult for pros to go out there with amateurs who live and die with every shot, like their game becomes more important than yours when you’re playing for money and your livelihood,” Murray continued.

On one hole, Murray was approached by a fan who opened his shirt for an autograph. Murray signed a large “X” across the man’s chest, shook his hand and walked on. No one can  quite figure Murray out, not even himself.

The only thing Murray didn’t do was accept Points’ invitation to grab a beer in the clubhouse afterwards. While Murray adores golf, the 19th has never been the Caddyshack star’s favourite hole.

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