FootGolf, Friend Or Foe?

Given away by the name FootGolf is a brand new sport combining the two great games, and whether you like it or not it’s here to stay.

Here is a quick introduction to the sport if you have never heard of it, it’s pretty simple:

  • The game is played the same way as golf except players use a football.
  • The ball is kicked rather than being struck with a club.
  • The hole is a fair bit larger to accommodate the ball, measuring 21 inches wide.
  • Typically played on shorter holes as its harder to achieve the same distance by kicking.
  • Believed to have originated in the Netherlands in 2008.

With many golf courses in the UK and USA seeing reduced memberships many owners are taking steps to transform their courses to allow both sports to be accommodated. The owner of Pine Hills Golf Course in Taylor believes that “FootGolf will get more kids and families at the golf course. Whether they’re playing foot golf or golf itself, it’s a stepping stone to get more people to play golf,”

I personally would love to play a round, even though I doubt my skills would match up with these chaps…

Whilst there may be some concerns about FootGolf interfering with the real game, The UK FootGolf association (yes there is one) claims that as golfers and footgolfers rarely use the same holes, allowing for simultaneous play of both sports.

Even the PGA recognises the decline in golf participation and when they created a task force to look at ways to increase interest, FootGolf was seen as a major way to encourage new players and business into the sport.

Do you think FootGolf will help the golfing industry? Have your say…




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