Is Marquez The Next Rossi?

A valiant Marquez steals another championship win for himself – is this still a rookie’s luck or a portent of greater things to come?

There is very little debate when it comes to the notion that Valentino Rossi is the GOAT (greatest of all time). The Italian’s storied career in MotoGP is the stuff of legend. A relentless drive for the title and a proclivity to overtake opponents in risky maneuvers that would have vets shaking their head has seen to that. Yet recent developments on the track have some looking to the direction of a Spaniard who’s already stuffed multiple titles under his belt by the green age of 23.

Marc Marquez has been no stranger to challenges. His crash at Sepang back in 2012 caused eyesight issues that resulted in many worrying his career was at an all-too-early end and risky decision making  have caused him multiple mistakes and thrown races. Marquez’s brash and youthful mentality was visibly evident in his approach to wielding his bike – leaving some to question whether or not this rookie had made the jump to the premier class just a bit too soon.

Fast forward to 2016 and the Marquez we see now is a force to be reckoned with.

His most recent championship win at Motegi, after both Lorenzo and Rossi spilled out and gave him an unchallenged lead in the points for the remainder of the season, has awarded him his fifth first place podium finish and third premier class world championship win.  Marquez has proven that his is a student of the past. Calm, collected, and clinical, Marquez’s approach to riding is reminiscent to that of another “Doctor” – and if he keeps the performance up, the 23 year old will be well on his way to join the venerated ranks among the “greatest of all time”.

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