Tiger Woods Scorched By Legendary British Golf Coach


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Suffering arguably his most miserable year in golf, Tiger Woods got scorched when legendary British Golf coach Pete Cowen said he is now too old to ever climb the mountain he has fallen from.

I’ve always liked Pete Cowen for his straight-talk. Cowen doesn’t beat around the bush and gloss things over. That’s not how Northerners from England work. They tell it like it is, even if it makes a few people cry along the way. According to Cowen, Tiger Woods is dead and he isn’t coming back to the top again.

“If there is one important thing that makes any sportsperson look ordinary and that is age,” Cowen told reporters at the Scottish Open.

“You can’t do anything about a person’s age. That invincibility diminishes with age and it has to. But then once you lose that invincibility how do you get it back?

Woods, who turns 40 in December, looks almost amateurish heading into next week’s British Open at St. Andrews, where he won the Claret Jug by eight shots in 2000 and five strokes in 2005.

Although it hurts us all to say (especially me who grew up wearing an I AM TIGER WOODS t-shirt), those days of dominance are now long gone. Cowen – who has worked with some of Europe’s best golfers including Henrik Stenson and Lee Westwood – has watched Woods at tournaments recently and thinks the former World Number One’s ball striking has taken a turn for the worse.


Cowen wasn’t all doom and gloom over Woods. He firmly believes the Woods has earned the right to respect for his achievements and the golf world should be grateful, not critical.

“Don’t have a go at Tiger! Do not question Tiger. Admit he’s been great for golf and say how good Tiger Woods played and how great Tiger Woods performed in winning a particular event.”

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