Ranking Michael Jordan’s secret Mormon shorts in the canon of sports superstitions

Ah, superstition in sport. The two go together like the proverbial peanut butter and jelly.

High-pressure situations, the constant quest for an edge, curious personalities, and the confirmation bias are all folded into a sweet batter of unfalsifiable beliefs. Who knows why, but athlete superstitions are a big part of the rich tapestry of professional sport.

And to avoid going “all urine” with this list of 10, we’re excluding the popular belief that peeing on one’s hands toughens the skins (popular in baseball). You’re welcome.

Here are 10 of the strangest athlete superstitions:

It’s not always clear why athletes do what they do, but you can’t argue with results. If it worked once, it’ll work a thousand times – provided you don’t upset the fickle sports gods who blessed your shorts, socks, or batting helmet in the first place.

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