ParaLong Drive Cup, The Disadvantaged Show Off Their Golfing Skills

Golf is for everyone, including those who have mental and physical disabilities. Check out the driving skills displayed this Thursday at the ParaLong Drive Cup held at Tennessee National Golf Club.

Ever struggle with your drive? Keep pulling it to the right? Well how about driving with just one arm or on two prosthetic legs. That’s what some of the competitors of this Thursdays challenge cup have had to deal with their whole lives. Some impressive driving skills against the odds here:



Golfers came from all over, including Canada, to compete at the third annual ParaLong Drive Cup. The tournament consisted of four rounds, with golfers hitting six balls each round. This year’s winner was Knoxville native Jared Brentz with an unbelievably impressive drive of 362 yards.



Jared’s swing isn’t exactly textbook. But, then again, neither is his stance. Jared was born with Arthrogryprosis- a condition that left him with bi-lateral club feet and a debilitating muscle deficiency. At the age of 12 Jared made the tough decision to remove both his legs from the knee down. Now using two prosthetic legs Jared has made sporting history by setting the ParaLong Drive world record with a 409 yard drive.

Serious kudos for these guys, keep it up!

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