Without YellOwStaR, Rekkles Has Stepped Up As Fnatic’s Captain And Leader

Daniel Byrne

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is one of the most iconic and highly valued AD Carries in the European League of Legends Championship Series. No longer the prodigal youth made to wait until he was of age to represent Fnatic, the Swede is now considered a veteran on a lineup where he is expected to lead.

Both the Fnatic organisation and their fanbase expect the LoL roster to deliver success in 2017.  The ultimate goal for the newly formed squad is to qualify for Worlds as the region’s top ranking seed, with Rekkles at the helm of the all-EU team. Has the time come for the ADC to lead Fnatic or will his past experiences of failed leadership come to back to haunt him once again?

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Rekkles has been groomed into the role of a Fnatic leader from the very early stages of his career; as a player of instantly recognisable talent from an early age, he was expected to shine. A string of disappointing results for Fnatic and the inability youngsters difficulty in adapting to the team’s situation forced him to try to look for a new home with the European ‘Superteam’ Alliance. It wasn’t long however, before Rekkles returned home to Fnatic and forged his role as a team captain in waiting.

Having had issues dealing with pressure in the past, especially in the face of crushing team defeats, Rekkles emerged from a depressing 2016 for Fnatic, eager to rebuild the team’s reputation:

“Missing out on Worlds was one of the saddest things I’ve had to experience.

“However, 2016 also came with a lot of growth. As I mentioned, there was a lot of responsibility on my shoulders in the beginning of the year & I think it’ll be no different moving forward, aside of the fact that I’m actually ready.

“I’m ready to make a difference, I’m ready to bring glory to Fnatic once again.”

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson

Source: Riot Games Flickr

2017 provides Rekkles with yet another opportunity to shine, developing both his individual play and leadership qualities. Alongside inexperienced Support Jesse “Jesiz” Le, Larsson will immediately be tasked with establishing a strong bot lane synergy, with a lot of expectation placed on the duo to win their lane consistently throughout the season and carry Fnatic to victory.

Fnatic legend, Paul “sOAZ” Boyer will be an invaluable addition alongside his Origen teammate Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider. As established players within the EU LCS, their experience will be critical to Rekkles’ development as Fnatic’s captain.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

This team was rightfully built around Rekkles and after their opening match of the Spring Split against G2 eSports, the signs are there that the strategy will pay dividends for Fnatic. Despite ultimately falling to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of last season’s EU LCS Champions, Rekkles produced an extremely composed performance, not dying once in either of the team’s series defeats.

To conclude the most dramatic game of the series, as primary shot caller for the Fnatic squad, Rekkles co-ordinated an expertly executed backdoor to destroy the nexus on his trademark Ezreal.

Unlike his previous seasons, playing well individually does not complete Rekkles responsibilties – he must also inspire and lead his team around him. In the absence of veteran captain and shot caller Bora “Yellowstar” Kim, 2017 will be a steep learning curve for Rekkles – but after a promising performance in the first series of the Spring Split, Fnatic may have their new foundation upon which to build a successful campaign.

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