Zach Johnson Jumps Out Of His Skin After Loud Explosion

Zach Johnson managed to tie for 3rd this Sunday at the John Deere classic, but the unexpected events that occurred on the 16th hole certainly didn’t help his concentration.

As Johnson lined up to make his first putt on the green of the 16th, he was suddenly startled by a loud bang that made him react like this:


That can’t have helped with his focus…

Reports state that the bang was so loud it sounded like an actual explosion, most fingers point to a boat that passed by the green and believe that someone fired an air cannon. Was it deliberate or just extremely bad timing? Either way, not cool, no one wants to see that whilst the pros are trying to play at the top of their game.

Johnson took some time to regroup, but he missed the birdie putt and had to settle for par and eventually finished at 19 under.

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