Broncos’ Brandon McManus Spends Off Season With The U.S. Women’s Golf Association. WTF?


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Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus spent three weeks of his precious offseason interning at the Women’s U.S. Open. 

McManus – the most famous internet the U.S. Women’s Golf Association has ever employed – assisted in a variety of positions during his three weeks at Lancaster Country Club, the famous Pennsylvania course that hosted the 2015 Women’s U.S. Open.

McManus hopes it will put him in good-standing to achieve his post-NFL dream – to be the Super Bowl’s Director of Operations.

But McManus is no stranger to pressure, having to kick a football through the uprights in a stadium filled with 80,000 screaming fans each week. However, he claims he would take that every time over the stress of conducting a major golf championship.

“With a field goal, you have a long snapper and a holder, but it really has everything to do with yourself,” said McManus, 23, who kicked for the Denver Broncos last season. “When you’re running a championship, you’re relying on a lot of other people to do things. It’s more of an anxious stress. I’d much rather have the stress of the kicker, because at least I have full control of it.”

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McManus got the job through the NFL Career Development program. The opportunity came about through a joint effort between the NFL and the USGA, tailoring the internship specifically for McManus’ needs. According to Matt Sawicki, the Women’s U.S. Open championship director, McManus gave 100% effort during the entire internship.

“He’s worked so hard, whether it was moving boxes or going out with the greens crew before the sun has risen. There’s a reason why professional athletes like Brandon make it – it’s because they’re willing to put in the time and the effort to make it happen.”

While McManus’ post-NFL career goal is somewhat ambitious one – the 70th U.S. Women’s Open Championship has provided a helpful perspective into the challenges of conducting a major sporting event.

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