How Far Can You Hornussen?

Another wacky idea from Red Bull here, Hornussen (or Farmers Golf) is a twist on an old Swiss sport essentially combining a home run derby with a long-drive competition.

The Swiss have always been know to be a bit obscure with their sports, must be something to do with all of that mountain air. But this is taking it to a new extreme, the athletes almost remind me more discus or shot-put players than golfers.



It definitely has elements of golf in there, but I’m not sure I could drive with one of those bendy sticks, I think I would just end up hitting myself in the head.

Whilst in some ways its just another way of hitting an object really really far, it must be said that with all those neon lights it looks pretty awesome at night.

Chances of the sport ever breaking out of Switzerland? Slim to none I reckon.


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