This German Shepherd Loved Golf So Much He Ate 6 Golf Balls


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Vets at the Westway Veterinary Group in Newcastle, England, were horrified when Murphy – a seven year-old German Shepherd came in feeling below par. That last part wasn’t even meant to be a pun, but I apologize anyway. 

Murphy had six golf balls trapped in his stomach and required life-saving surgery after X-rays revealed “unidentified objects in his gut,” according to owner David Larson.

Mr. Larson says he was surprised because he hadn’t taken Murphy anywhere near a golf course in the 18 months since he got Murphy from a rescue home.

“There were some foreign bodies inside his stomach but the vets couldn’t identify what they were, so Westway operated at their hospital and saved his life,” explained Mr. Larson. 

According to vets, the golf balls were likely to have been living inside his stomach for over 18 months. Murphy’s symptoms only became apparent when he swallowed a bone which caused sickness and diarrhoea. 

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Turns out Murphy is doing just fine after having the golf balls removed from his stomach. He is apparently eating more and is keeping Mr. Larson up way beyond his usual bedtime.

“He’s made an excellent recovery since the operation and I’m going to make sure he is never given bones or allowed anywhere near a golf course in future.”


For anyone that was hoping this article related to the sport of golf, I’m sorry. 

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