Steph Curry’s sensational pregame warm up starting to attract crowds

Steph Curry, the reigning two-time NBA MVP (by unanimous vote) may have taken a step back in his role with the addition of another super star in Kevin Durant but that hasn’t stopped him from making highlight plays. This time, he’s not saving the good stuff for games, he’s bringing a whole new set of talents to his pre-game warm up routine.

When you’re Steph Curry, making impossible shots is just a regular day at the office. To get out of the mundane obligatory pregame routine, Steph’s found other creative ways to warm up. Most recently being voted a starter for the Western Conference in this year’s All-Star game, he isn’t waiting for All-Star weekend to show off his moves. Watch him perform shots from the tunnel in Oracle arena to get his juices flowing:

We all know Steph’s a lethal shooter. But when warm ups drag and you still have time to kill, why not hone other shooting techniques like… shot put?

Wait folks, there’s more. Keeping with the olympic theme, Steph now incorporates curling in his pregame routine because…why not:

With his entire team shooting and actually preparing for the game at hand, it can be tough to execute his outlandish pregame antics. Kind of like when Klay unknowingly interrupted his “field goal kick”:

Probably the most famous of all his pregame rituals is his dance he does with security at Oracle Arena. Steph isn’t known to be superstitious but during the finals last year, he FaceTimed his usual crew just to do his dance to Jones BBQ Foot Massage:

We’re halfway through the season and the Warriors have only lost 7 times. If doing these random acts of silliness before a game loosens Steph up, then why not. Apparently crowds are now showing up to games early just to catch him in the act. I’m all for Steph’s random rituals – if it gets the W, who cares.

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