Why did Jordan Spieth sub in on Grandparent’s Day at his Sister’s School?


As focused as Jordan Spieth is on winning the third leg of the Grand Slam this week, his family is always first on his mind. At his pre-tournament press conference on Wednesday, the 21-year-old told a touching story about visiting his younger sister Ellie at her school on ‘Grandparent’s Day.’ Ellie has special needs, and is a main inspiration for Spieth’s charity work.

“I was her grandparent on grandparents’ day, whenever that was, earlier in the year,” Spieth said. “You don’t have the time you do in high school to go in there. But any time I’m home I’m spending time with Ellie. I take her to school, pick her up, spend time at my parents house or she’ll come over and hang out, my whole family will. When I’m home, I like to spend as much time as I can with my family because we’re on the road so much, and I’m fortunate that I live five minutes from them, and it’s very easy when I am home.”

Spieth went in to greater detail on why he had to play substitute grandfather at Ellie’s Dallas school:

“My grandparents weren’t able to make it down for a day or two because one lives in North Carolina and the other is in Pennsylvania, so I just went in there and I was just there to support her and hang out,” Spieth said. “I was picking her up, I went in early and they had a little party and got to meet some of her friends in her new class, and yeah, it was fun.”

Spieth still lives five minutes from his parents’ Dallas home and visits whenever he’s not winning every tournament in sight on tour. At St. Andrews he’s attempting to become only the second golfer in history to win the first three legs of the Grand Slam.

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