Golfer Reduces Seagull Population with Errant Tee Shot

When your tee shot is literally that bad it kills the local wildlife.

Many golfers tee off in search of an eagle or even an albatross. All this golfer was able to find was a seagull, drilling an awful drive straight into the poor bird.

He could have at least shouted ‘FORE,’ right?

It’s unclear where this video originated from, but if it happened to be in the UK it might not be the worst thing, and here’s why. You might think that the killing of this seagull is horrible and cruel, but it could actually go a long way in helping out a large problem in the UK.

The increase in urban seagull population is becoming more worrisome in the UK. Drawn in by the opportunities of urban areas, namely lots of food, the UK is seeing a large rise in gulls taking residence further inland.

The government is targeting seagulls, which campaigners say have become a scourge on British towns and cities.Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

Seagulls are causing problems such as disrupting local residents/businesses with their loud noise and disturbing the local population by scavenging and picking at food.

The government just announced that a quarter of a million pounds has been earmarked to help tackle this urban menace.

No need for that, just get this guy to hit a few drives around our cities and the gulls will soon be gone…

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