Military Service Imperative for South Korean Golfer Bae Sang-Moon

South Korean golfer Bae Sang-Moon who has won twice on the PGA Tour, has been forced to return home to complete his military service after losing a legal battle to defer his conscription.


Bae Sang-Moon faces a spell away from the fairways


Unfortunately for South Korean citizens the country is still technically at war with the North after the 1950-53 Korean War, therefore all South Korean men between 18 and 35 must complete two years of military service.


The 29-year-old, who was granted U.S. residency in 2013, was charged in February with violating South Korea’s military service regulations after failing to secure an extension to his overseas travel permit.



It must be extremely tough for the upcoming golfer who is currently ranked 29th on the PGA Tour. However, Bae releases the severity of the situation quoting “I completely respect the court’s decision, and I humbly accept the judgment by the law,”


Bae will have to adjust to his new lifestyle going from winning top golfing prize money to living of just £83 a month as a private in the army.



His last win was back in 2014, with an impressive show of form at the Open, winning by two shots. It’s safe to say that his presence will be missed in the golfing world and the world will be wishing him a safe return.