Peter Alliss Causes Sexism Storm. Was It Justified?

BBC golf commentator Peter Alliss has caused a new sexism storm after telling viewers that Open winner Zach Johnson’s wife would be spending his winnings on a new kitchen.

‘Wife Kim looking on, anxiously thinking – “if this goes in I get a new kitchen.” 

The exact comment was made as the camera panned towards Zach Johnson’s wife Kim, seconds before the golfer sunk the putt that awarded him the Open Championship. 

Considering this was the most crucial time in the tournament and millions of people were watching around the world, it probably wasn’t the best time to attempt this kind of humor. Allis, 84, has been with the BBC sine 1961, and his comments definitely stirred up some negative feelings.

His remarks provoked outrage among viewers, notably from Lesley-Ann Wade, the American manager of legendary English golfer Nick Faldo.

Taking to Twitter, Ms Wade wrote: ‘Can’t believe he can say this! Looks at Zach’s wife and says “She is thinking if this goes in we get a new kitchen!” #Sexist #Alliss’
The BBC's craven apology for Peter Alliss 'sexism' was an affront - and utterly worthless

There has been no direct apology from Peter but a BBC spokesmen said “Peter made a light hearted comment which was inappropriate and we apologize if anyone was offended.”

Word on the street is that Alliss quite fancies telling the BBC to shove it straight up their plus fours by ripping up a contract which only has three tournaments left anyway.

Maybe we will be hearing a few more controversial comments in the BBC’s coverage of the final three tournaments, before the reigns are handed over to Sky Sports.

In this writer’s opinion, I can see how the comments are viewed as sexist, but feel that Allis did mean it in a light-hearted way and an attempt to be funny. If you’re familiar with Peter Allis, this is sort of his personality. Seeing as how big the story has gotten, maybe looking back now he would’ve chosen his words more carefully.