Nike Golf Club Collection, The New Direction In Golf Style?

Nike recently released their “Nike Golf Club Collection,” an array of clothing made for the golf course based around fitness and style.

Like many millennials today, I believe that as a sport golf needs to adapt in order to survive. One of the key problems in the game is the elitist stigma associated with the sport, and many modern lifestyle brands are working on changing that perception. Could a move towards more accessible and stylish golf attire help with this problem?

Golf apparel has always been fairly straight laced following the rules of club house traditions, but Nike is looking to change that…

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Golfing athletes are making the change from cigar smoking middle aged men to young performance athletes with a passion for fitness. PGA TOUR players are fitter, more athletic and more explosive than ever before.

With their new collection, Nike is focusing on providing to this category of players, creating:

A lifestyle collection that plays as well on the course as it does off the course. It captures the modern spirit of the game by fusing high performance fabrics with a laid back street vibe.

This short video shows how Nike is turning golfing attire on its head and giving it a fresh new look.

Now while I really dig the style of this new range, it’s very interesting to see the inclusion of hoodies and flat peak caps.. I know many courses where I would attract some concerned looks if I turned up wearing a hoodie and a flat peaked cap for my round.

With Nike sponsoring the top players in the world such as Rory Mcilroy and Tiger Woods, I can see this style of clothing catching on, but we might have to wait a while to see Rory turning up to a major in a hoodie…