Robert Allenby withdraws from Canadian Open after bitch fight with caddie


robert allenby_caddie fired
Scott Halleran / Getty Images

Robert Allenby has spectacularly made an emergency exit from the Canadian Open after firing his caddie mid-way through his first round, prompting a fan to carry his bag the rest of the way.

Allenby – who has become the butt of many golfing jokes this year after his “kidnapping” story – shot a 9-over par 81 on Thursday at the relatively tame Glen Abbey Golf Club.

Allenby and caddie Mick Middlemo had a blow-up over club selection, resembling that of a high school “bitch fight.” To call it ugly would be an understatement.

Allenby decided he couldn’t make the walk of shame in Round 2 and informed tournament organisers that he wouldn’t be showing up. He got on a flight and went home to Florida, presumably to make sense of the events that have transpired in 2015.

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Earlier this year, Allenby was involved in the most bizarre off-course incident golf has seen in recent years. While playing a PGA TOUR event in Hawaii, Allenby claimed he was robbed, kidnapped and beaten and needed help from a homeless woman. He posted pictures of the ordeal on his Twitter account.

“You think … that happens in the movie, not real life,” Allenby told The Associated Press in the wake of his “kidnapping”. “I’m just happy to be alive.”