Trump Rocks Up To Mexican Border Wearing White Golf Shoes


donald trump

Donald Trump rocked up to the border wearing white golf shoes, golf pants and a golf shirt. His whirlwind three-hour trip to the Mexican border was a media circus as more than 100 reporters scurried to ask him about politics, race and John McCain. 

Police blocked off roads – including the interstate –  for Trump’s presidential-style motorcade. Upon arrival, Trump argued he was risking “great danger” being on the Mexican border in Laredo, Texas, but failed to elaborate on this.

When asked about his offensive Mexican comments, Trump denied that he offended anyone with his comment that immigrants from Mexico are “bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some I assume are good people.”

Trump’s name is attached to the PGA TOUR’s WGC event at Trump National Doral, as well as several other prolific courses across the world. He has faced a backlash of criticism from the golf industry. Ricky Martin promptly cancelled his upcoming golf fundraiser at Trump’s International Golf Club Rio Grande in Puerto Rico. The PGA has severed ties with him. And the LPGA say they wish they didn’t have a legal contract with him for this year’s Women’s British Open.

On the border, Trump made it through the day without having to talk once about John McCain, who he has torn into recently and questioned the Senator’s war record. On Thursday, he proved to the world that he can drown out his opposition. Half of all the national conversation about 2016 focused on Trump yesterday, a share even Trump is proud of. Love him or hate him, Trump is making the headlines.  The graph below from Zignal Labs shows how he dwarfed everyone else in conversation: