Man Found Dead In Water Hazard


This sad news comes from Salado, TX where a 74 year old man was found dead in a golf course water hazard by maintenance staff. The man apparently fell in after attempting to retrieve a golf ball and was unable to get back out again.

This got me to wondering about all the dangers on the golf course. I tend to think that going out for a surf is way more dangerous than heading out for a leisurely 18 holes but think again.

More people die from lighting on the golf course than of shark attacks. I’m still shivering from Mick Fanning’s close encounter last week but now I’m thinking more about my solo round last Friday in cloudy weather.


Speaking of deadly animals, what about crocodiles and alligators? I’d rather not have my arm or head chomped off while trying to chip my golf ball away from a hazard thanks.


What about all those beginners out there that send a shanked ball whizzing by your ear. Just half an inch and we’re talking major head injury.

My dad likes to tell the story of the guy who walked in somebody’s back swing and got their skull bashed open. Maybe this was just to keep me walking at a distance but it’s totally possible.

Then there are golf carts. Those little buggies are too fun to drive. Get some buddies in a cart, a couple beers, no seat belts and the urge to do donuts and you have a recipe for somebody getting crushed by a cart or launched out onto the cart path.


Moral of the story is, golf isn’t as safe as we all think so it’s probably good to exercise a bit of caution before heading out on the grass with those metal sticks. This also means that we golfers deserve a bit more street cred don’t you think?