Deadly Golf Carts


If you thought that falling out of a golf cart or being hit by one was the only way it could kill you, think again. The Wade family of St. Johns County Florida recently had a close call with carbon monoxide poisoning and a deadly golf cart.

Dangerous Golf Cart

Their detector¬†sounded off twice before they were able to discover the cause. Their golf cart was overcharging it’s batteries causing the emission of the highly toxic gas. The golf cart is meant to charge for only half an hour before shutting itself off but was no longer functioning properly.

The Wade family is sharing their story so that other golf cart owners are aware of this danger. This same issue has been a common occurrence in areas like The Villages where the population heavily depends on golf carts as a main source of transportation. Checking to make sure that batteries are not over charged or unplugging after half an hour is advised as well as ventilation in your garage to ensure airflow.