Dogs play free at Sunningdale Golf Club while the rest of us pay our dues


sunningdale_dogs 2

While Sunningdale Golf Club is one of Britain’s most historic golf clubs, it’s letting dogs on for free while charging humans a small fortune to play. And for millennials like me, the club is strictly off limits. I ask myself, WTF?

Sunningdale Golf Club – which is hosting the Senior Open Championship this year – is allowing its affluent members the opportunity to bring man’s best friend along for 18 holes. While it’s almost impossible for a an everyday joe like me  to join Sunningdale, the club is allowing dogs to leap down fairways and onto greens.

As a millennial, it makes me angry that a dog can roam Sunningdale but I can’t. As my grandma used to say, “c’est la vie.”


When asked about the phenomenon, club secretary Stephen Toon remarked:

“Dogs are free. They have the best deal in the world. They are a member of a very exclusive golf club and they pay no dues at all.”

The tradition of dogs accompanying their owners on the golf courses started over a 100 years ago. Sunningdale members were gentlemen-farmers who required working dogs. These pooches came with them on hunts, long walks and of course, on the golf courses. The tradition has continued for over a century.

Unfortunately, dogs will not be allowed during the upcoming Senior Open. Bastards.

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