Mr. Paula Creamer’s aww-inspiring surprise for his wife


Paula Creamer tees it up next week as one of America’s top hopes of clinching the Women’s British Open. If she doesn’t win, she’ll no doubt have happy memories about the event for the rest of her life. As she was boarding her flight to Scotland, something very special happened.

Creamer’s husband – Derek Heath – is a commercial airline pilot who has never flown his LPGA star wife prior to this weekend. On Sunday, as Creamer boarded took her first class seat, she heard a familiar voice over the speakers. Heath had pulled some strings with his employer so he could fly the plane. A few weeks of begging his bosses at United Airlines and just like that, he was piloting the plane that took Creamer to Scotland.

Creamer took to Instagram where she posted her excitement.

paula creamer_surprise

The good news is, Creamer made it to Scotland in one piece.

creamer_surprise 2