Robert Allenby’s ex-caddie outs him as a tool


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Robert Allenby’s ex-caddie took a massive swipe at the Australian golfer this morning when he compared him to mega-asshole tennis player Bernard Tomic following their on-course bitch-fight.

Thursday provided golf with all the entertainment it needed when Allenby and caddie Mick Middlemo engaged in a high-school-esque fight at the Canadian Open that ended with Middlemo storming off the course and Allenby hiring a fan to carry his bag.

Middlemo, who was fired shortly after the spat, accused the golfer this morning of giving a bad name to Australian sport for his behavior on the PGA TOUR, including the “kidnapping” story that Allenby claims to this day is true.

“He’s in the same class as Bernard Tomic. I’d absolutely put him in the same class,” Middlemo told The Daily Telegraph on Sunday.

Allenby has developed a reputation, according to Middlemo, of talking to marshals, volunteers and other players in an inconsiderate way.

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In January, Allenby claimed he was attacked, robbed and abducted in a Honolulu car park after a boozy night out. In a news interview following the incident, Allenby stated that the suspects drugged him, took him to an underground car park and knocked him out.


Middlemo has come clean about the incident, reporting to the media that Allenby pleaded with him to go along with the story.

“Do I think he got mugged and bashed and absolutely robbed? No I don’t. That’s the story I told because that’s the story he told me to tell because I wasn’t there,” Middlemo said.

Middlemo’s revelations come days after Alllenby allegedly called him a “fat c***” and threatened to have him banned for life from the PGA TOUR. Allenby denies everything and is sticking to the kidnapping story.