5 Golfers Despised By Millenials


According to a poll by Sports Illustrated, the New England Patriots win top prize for the most hated team in the NFL, partly because everybody knows they are still the most feared team in football, but mainly because the league has identified them as chronic cheaters. First Spygate, now this. C’mon.

If football fans think teams and their players & coaches are bad, they should look over the fence at golf. With a string of high maintenance, mega-asshole personalities that are corrupting the sport, we look at 5 figures in golf that are despised by millennials. While Generation X might be unforgiving, Generation Y has no time or place for them.

5 Golfers Despised By Millennials

1. Bubba Watson

bubba watson beard

Bubba Watson and millennial beliefs just aren’t aligned. Firstly, his bigot attitude rubs us the wrong way. When he called gay people “sinners”, I wanted to hug him and give him an education.

His right-wing attitude to the world just doesn’t cut it with my people. In April 2015, Bubba Watson was voted as the golfer that his peers would “most like to see get beaten up in a car park.” If this isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

2. Patrick Reed

Wistia still from TELETUBBY REED.mp4

Like Bubba Watson, Patrick Reed has been heard using the “f*****” word as a homophobic slur. Born and raised in the same right-wing environment as Reed, his arrogance and views towards the world rub our young, intolerant audience the wrong way.

3. Robert Allenby

robert allenby

Allenby has developed a reputation, according to his former caddie Mick Middlemo, of talking to marshals, volunteers and other players in an inconsiderate way. In January, Allenby claimed he was attacked, robbed and abducted in a Honolulu car park after a boozy night out. In a news interview following the incident, Allenby stated that the suspects drugged him, took him to an underground car park and knocked him out.

Middlemo came clean about the incident, reporting to the media that Allenby pleaded with him to go along with the story.

“Do I think he got mugged and bashed and absolutely robbed? No I don’t. That’s the story I told because that’s the story he told me to tell because I wasn’t there,” Middlemo said.

Middlemo’s revelations came days after Alllenby allegedly called him a “fat c***” and threatened to have him banned for life from the PGA TOUR. Allenby denies everything and is sticking to the kidnapping story.

4. Ben Hogan


Pretty much everybody who knew Ben Hogan said he wasn’t the nicest chap in the world. Arnold Palmer famously admitted that Hogan treated him like dirt when he burst onto TOUR. Millennials and Ben Hogan (deceased) are just not a match.

5. Steve Elkington

Steve Elkington just isn’t a very good person. A Twitter account can say a lot about a man, and for Elk (a former major champion that most millennials have never heard of) it gets ugly. He has been known to mock tragedies such as the Scottish helicopter crash that killed eight people in 2013. Elkington tweeted when the news broke, “Helicopter crashes into Scottish pub…..Locals report no beer was spilt….”

More recently, he has made headlines by making transgender insults at Caitlin Jenner. He also blocked two millennials when they confronted him about his vile behavior.