Trump is hosting Women’s British Open amidst controversy



The Turnberry Resort, owned by Donald Trump, will play host to the Women’s British Open under contentious circumstances.

Donald Trump has a love-hate relationship with Scotland. While he’s known as a tycoon in the United States – and now as a presidential candidate – it’s a different story in the hallowed golfing landscape of Scotland. He is best known for the impact on the country’s golf scene, as well as a long-standing feud with former first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond.

Trump’s name will be under scrutiny this week when the Women’s British Open is held at his most loved purchase, Turnberry. Never ashamed to put his name across things, he has somehow made it known as Trump Turnberry, labelling every resort courtesy car, uniform and item of merchandise with his name.

trump turnberry

Local Scotsmen are nervous to talk about Trump as if they are embroiled in a bitter decision of wanting to both voice their displeasure at the man who has become a symbol if bigotry – and that of expressing gratitude for the money Trump has brought into the region.

“We don’t pay attention to what Mr. Trump says in the media. If we did, it would probably affect the way we saw his properties here,” one young woman said walking Turnberry in hopes of spotting her idol Paula Creamer.

The general consensus is that Trump has been good for the region, but that locals would rather see a different name attached. Warren Buffet. Fine. Bill Gates. Sure. Trump. Barf.

Donald Trump golf resort

The event is Trump’s greatest achievement in golf yet. For many years, Trump, now 69, has expressed his desire to host a major championship. On Thursday, his dream will come alive when the greatest female golfers in the world engage in fierce competition over Turnberry’s famous grounds.

Trump’s recent comments in which he has come under scrutiny for in the United States has forced the PGA of America to pull its annual tournament, the Grand Slam of Golf, from Trump National Golf Club near Los Angeles. The LPGA tried distancing themselves from Trump, but they had no time to find a different venue for this week’s tournament. Only time will tell whether Trump can repair the bridges he has burned.