John Boehner Cries Again; Weeps During Golf Channel Interview


john boehner

One constant in the House of Representatives is Speaker John Boehner weeping. First it happened at an event celebrating painter Constantino Brumidi. Next it was through a congressional award ceremony honoring an astronaut. He even wept during a Taco Bell event. It made sense that Boehner was going to lose it during a Golf Channel interview.

During a taping of the wannabe-cool show Feherty, host David Feherty landed Boehner on his couch for an episode that will air August 3rd. As tears trickled down his face, Boehner said:

“I wanted to make sure that every kid had the same chance I did. An opportunity.”

john boehner

Boehner made a joke about his penchant for tears when he and Feherty looked at a framed photo in Boehner’s office showing him talking with two colleagues.

“The three of us are talking about how easily we turn to tears,” remarked Boehner.

According to his spokesperson, the GOP leader had become emotional because he is grateful for the opportunities life has presented him.

“The Speaker has often talked about how fortunate he has been to live the American Dream, and he’s unapologetic about his efforts to help children receive the same opportunities to succeed in life that he did,” said Emily Schillinger, Boehner’s spokesperson.

According to insiders, the interview will cover the early years of Boehner’s life, his career in politics and his association with golf.