Jordan Spieth And Sister Attend His Party Wearing Chicken Hats And It’s Wonderful



Jordan Spieth crashed his own party wearing a chicken hat and accompanied his adorable sister Ellie to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

No disrespect to Rory McIlroy, but Jordan Spieth is the greatest thing that’s happened to golf since Tiger Woods burst onto the scene in 1996 and single-handedly turned golf from an old farts club into a millennial sport.

The game suffered a dark period between 2009-2014 as it made its transition period into the next generation, but with Spieth, golf is very much back to its glory days. He’s the most riveting name in the sport, having won two majors this year. While most kids his age would be finishing their junior year of college, Spieth was out making history.

Spieth celebrated his 22nd birthday with his family, including sister Ellie who suffers from a neurological disorder. According to his family, Ellie has helped keep Spieth humble, largely from the amount of time he spent with her growing up. While Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy became aloof with fame, it’s one of the most refreshing stories in sport to see this young man with such a generous personality inspire golfers across the world. Happy Birthday, Mr. Spieth.