Florida Golfer Wrestles Alligator To Save Her Dog’s Life

We all know how cherished pets are by their owners, but could you imagine having to save your loved one from the jaws of a hungry alligator?

This is what happened to Floridian golfer, Lori Beiswenger. She was attending the greens near the 6th hole of her family-owned golf course in Inverness, Florida, when she heard a blood curdling scream.


Beiswenger spun around and to her horror saw her beloved dog, Hope, being dragged into a nearby pond by a seven-and-a-half foot alligator.

With out a moments pause Lori jumped straight into the pond to wrestle to alligator to try and free Hope. She accounts the full story here:

Hope managed to make it out alive with a few serious stitches… which is more than can be said for the gator, who has probably been made into alligator pie.