Why It Was Sensible To Be A Golfer This Week

Apart from a wandering alligator, the dangers of the golf course are fairly minimal. The same can’t be said for surfing, which has seen some pretty heavy events of the past week.

Now you might think where am I going with this article, the two sports are completely different?!? Actually they are similar in many ways.


Kelly Slater Golf


As part of their really “difficult” jobs, professional surfers get to travel to some of the most beautiful parts of the world… and when the waves are flat there is nothing they like doing more than getting a round in on the course, especially 11x World Champion Kelly Slater.

Whilst the most serious injury golf this week may have been a twisted ankle or sore knee, the surfing world has had a pretty ‘gnarly’ week, here is why:



If you have been living under a rock you might not have heard, but the Australia pro surfer Mick Fanning, had a little run in with a shark on live TV at the J-bay Open in South-Africa.

After landing a few punches the 3x world champion managed to get away from the monster and was swiftly picked up by the water safety team.

Luckily Mick was unharmed and people are seeing the funny side of it now…



Apparently that wasn’t enough craziness for the surfing world, big wave surfers have been risking their lives at the legendary break of Teahupoo in Tahiti.

Considered the Everest of surfing, Teahupoo, that literally translates to broken skulls, is probably the most dangerous wave in the world.

Whilst there were lots of heavy wipeouts this week, the one from Niccolo Porcella definitely takes the biscuit…


Has to be one of the heaviest wipeouts of surfing history, he looks like an ant in comparison to the size of that wave.

Another angle…



How he managed to survive is a miracle.

Between all the wipeouts and near death experiences there were a few moments of brilliance. Arguably the best came from 19 year old Nathan Florence managed to paddle into one of the most incredible waves of the year.


 Credit: surfline


Stay safe golfers…