Inbee Park has beef with the format at the Olympics

Sharon Wong

Speaking Wednesday at The Women’s Open, Inbee Park says it is “disappointing” that all the best players won’t be at the Olympics next year.


Can too much star power be a bad thing? That’s what Inbee Park believes in regards to capping the amount of South Korean golfers who will be allowed to represent at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Park, the No. 1 player in the world, is a native of South Korea. That country is home to a staggering 15 of the world’s best female golfers, but most of them will not be able to compete in Rio next year.

Golf’s format for the games caps the number at just four players from each country. In total, sixty males and female golfers will be able to compete at Rio.

Park’s complaint is that the Olympics is depriving the world’s best players of their right to compete. She gripes, “If you are in the world’s top 50, you should be able to play at the Olympics… There’s some countries where [players] ranked No. 300, 400 will play, but obviously not Koreans.”

Park’s complaint is completely valid, but in reality, what are the Olympics supposed to do here? At the same time, what are the Olympics if not a chance for the various nations to battle it out sans artillery?

What’s your opinion on the matter? Is Park right, or do you think it’s good for golf and the Olympics to gain exposure for players from all over the world? Leave us a comment below or write us on social media.