Trump Grilled About Racist Comments On Arrival At Turnberry

Moments after stepping off his private helicopter onto Scottish soil, Donald Trump faced a series of tough questions from a disgruntled pack of British press.

Trump arrived in Scotland to watch the Women’s British Open and swiftly got back to his old tricks by making the outrageous claim that he was in fact ‘number one with the Hispanics’


The women's British Open on the Ayrshire coast is the first high-profile event to be staged at one of Trump's properties since his comments about Mexican immigrants prompted worldwide outrage


This comes just a month after he referred to Mexican immigrants as ‘criminals’ and ‘rapists’

The billionaire businessman said that the polls show he is on track to win the US election and claimed that he will win with the votes of the Hispanic people.



When asked about immigration, he replied ‘it is a huge subject and I brought it to the fore, and everybody is thanking me for it.’

Another reporter asked him about ‘claims you’re a racist’ to which he replied: ‘Excuse me?’ The reporter then reiterated the question as: ‘Why have you come here, Mr. Trump?’


The Republican addresses the world's media at Turnberry ahead of the Women's British Open Golf tournament


The man really must live by the motto, ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity,’ as he can’t have been expecting a warm welcome on arrival.

Whilst his appearance at the Open will no doubt bring it into the limelight, I doubt much of the focus will be on the golf.