Adorable family of black bears caught playing golf

For those of you still mourning the loss of Cecil the Lion, here’s an animal story that may bring a smile to your face.

Three black bears – two cubs and a momma bear – were caught on camera playing on a golf course in Vernon, New Jersey. By playing, we mean playing golf – one photo showed one of the cubs actually pulling the pin.

Another photo shows one cub sniffing around the sand trap before taking a running start and tackling its sibling.

“They’re absolutely beautiful and people have seen them in their pools or on their swing sets,” Vernon official Michelle Downtain told ABC News. “It doesn’t surprise me they came out to play on a golf course. It’s a way of life here.”

“Ironically, [the town] has a huge statue of a black bear named Samantha outside our municipal building,” she added.

No golfers were playing at the time the bears were out and about.

Baby Bear Circus Act on Golf Course