Trump steals the limelight at ladies British Open


‘The Donald’ arrives in true style at Turnberry yesterday and manages to steal the limelight from Open leader Kim who was midway through completing her seven-under 65 in the first round.

The American Presidential Candidate landed in his private ‘TRUMP’ copter at his Turnberry Resort where the Open is currently being held for a two-day visit.

Trump’s grand morning arrival certainly made scene which was noticed by the players on the course as the helicopter circled the course twice with Ko commenting “Man thats a nice helicopter, I would love one”!

It’s hard to imagine the on course action being anything more than a sideshow for Trump who is currently running in the Presidential race and looking to promote his already illustrious personality to the rest of the world and anyone who will listen. Differing parts of the US seems divided on his abilities to run for Office and whether he has the statesmanlike qualites it takes to ‘Make America Great Again’. Only time will tell.

With the press collaring his two younger sons on the hunting of big game in Africa int he shadow of the ‘Cecilgate’ incident he certainly has more than plenty on his plate.

So back to the Open: Miss Ko, who shot a 66, described the conditions as perfect and wants to become the youngest winner of a major. She will be 18 years this Sunday which is pretty impressive, even by our standards.