At Women’s British Open, Trump Declares Independence Is Bad For Scotland



Hardcore Republican and businessman Donald Trump spectacularly pissed off “Yes” supporters at the Women’s British Open today when he declared that he was pleased with the outcome of the independence referendum. He announced that a second vote would be nothing short of “ridiculous.”

Donald Trump just keeps making golf news. Perhaps it’s because there’s nothing grand going on in the sport as it recovers from an epic hangover following the British Open excitement. Or maybe because golf fans around the world have such polarising views on the Republican presidential candidate. Whatever the reason, The Donald is still causing controversy on his tornado-like path across the globe.

When Trump rocked up to the Women’s British Open wearing a red cap with the message “make America great again”, you couldn’t help but smile. Love or hate The Donald, he stirs shit up wherever he goes. He’s perhaps the greatest PR man America has ever seen. At Turnberry – a course he controversially owns – he addressed an international media conference and spent the majority of his time not talking about the Women’s British Open – but talking about his presidential bid and why Scotland shouldn’t be independent.

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When one reporter asked Trump about a potential second referendum, Trump chuckled and said:

“I think it’s ridiculous. They went through it and it was turmoil and bedlam for so long. I would say that the winning team should be extremely upset if that is even thought about. I had heard it would be 50 years before it could happen again. It was a very bad period for Scotland, it was very divisive.”

Having got across most of his shameless self-promotion, Trump finally wound up talking about the women teeing it up this week for a chance to win their sport’s biggest prize.

“We’re going to have an amazing day and a half at Turnberry and we’re going to watch the greatest women golfers in the world.

The Women’s Open is the first major championship staged at a Trump venue. The redesign of the course will take place later this year, as well as the refurbishment of the ageing hotel. Trump is looking forward to the British Open returning to Turnberry in the not-so-distant future. By then, we may be calling him President Trump. God, I hope not.