Bizarre story of Billy Hurley III’s missing father comes to a happy end

On Tuesday, PGA Tour player Billy Hurley III was in tears after publicly announcing his father had went missing. On Friday, the bizarre story came to a happy ending.

Willard Hurley Jr., 61, was found safe and sound in Texas, two weeks after he went missing. He told police in Leesburg, Virginia, he had simply been traveling. Police had traced him to Texarkana, Texas, before a citizen who’d seen his picture spotted him on Friday and called local police.

The elder Hurley spoke briefly by phone to Leesburg police, but didn’t provide many details, said Lt. Jeff Dube, a police spokesman.

“He’s safe and sound and he wasn’t very talkative,” Dube said. “He’s free to come and go as he pleases. He decided to take a trip for one reason or another. The big thing is that he’s been located and his family’s been notified that he’s OK physically.”

He didn’t explain why he left his home without informing his family; he also didn’t say why he was in Texas or whether he plans to come home, police said.


While it’s great news to see that Hurley’s father has been found, we can’t wrap our head around this story. Why would he take a two week ‘travel trip’ and not tell anyone? Was he in a fugue state (Breaking Bad reference)?

Hurley was in absolute tears on Tuesday while announcing to the media at the Quicken Loans event that his father was missing. He made the announcement public in hopes that someone with information on his father’s whereabouts would come forward.

Obviously, the announcement worked. But still, this is one head-scratcher of a story. Regardless, we’re glad everyone is home safe and sound.